The ADU looking Northeast

The living room dining room kitchen area lets in lots of natural light and feels very roomy for it's size.

Existing Garage (Demolished)

480 SF one bedroomaccessory dwelling unit over a 3 car garage with southern views and extra room in the garage for the homeowner's workshop

The L/D/K Suite is a spacious, airy, and inviting home. 

The southern view from the living room includes a perfect picture of Mile High Stadium.

The bedroom is comfortable with a queen-sized bed.  A washer/dryer combo is included.

West River Drive ADU, Denver, CO

Proposed ADU looking Southwest

Color and material choices, gables, and shape of the eave line are part of letting the Main House dictate the volumes and the details.  The centering of the upper building over the larger garage doors is unusual.  There is a Gable on the South side that protrudes into the bulk plane because of this asymmetrical juxtaposition.  Landmark's staff facilitated this arrangement.

Proposed ADU looking Southeast

Existing Garage (Demolished)

This Accessory Dwelling Unit is in a Landmarked and had to comply with standards for a contributing structure.  At 749 square feet over a 1,000 square foot garage it is quite large for this small lot.  The form and massing and the material choices are designed to fit within the Potter Highlands Neighborhood.  Construction is scheduled to start in April, 2019. 


These renderings were made in Revit, 2019.

Alcott Street ADU, Denver, CO

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